Romance will never die

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Romance will never die

Post  flashy on Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:09 am

I am using a free PTU tube by Maxine Gadd, which can be found in free tubes,

Old english rose sprays are by Rainbow Coffi which can be found here,

The font i am using is Elegance, i am not sure where it came from so
something similar can be can be found here,

The Plugin used is Porcelain by Xero, which can be found here,

The mask and butterfly are my own and can be found here,

Lets begin !

Open a 500x500 new image.
*In the material palette, foreground white (#ffffff) background null.
Go to preset shape, and choose the rectangle tool, using a width of 8.
Draw a decent sized rectangle, starting at the top left, and convert to raster layer.

Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer. Position the tube in your frame.
When your happy with it, make sure your frame layer is active,
click inside the frame layer with your magic wand, go to selections, select all,
selections again, and invert. Now make your tube layer active, and hit delete. Go to
effects, plugings and Xero, choose porcelain.
Use the settings as shown below ..

Material palette, i am using foreground #d87659, background #a3594d. click on gradient
and foreground-background, angle 47, repeats 7, style linear. Make sure the
gradient is now on the background. Null the foreground. Draw a rectangle over the
white frame so that it will sit inside with no edges showing through the white.
convert to raster, and drag this layer below the tube layer, so this is our frame

Make the large frame layer active. Go to effects, 3D effects, and drop shadow with
these settings :


Now repeat from * to **, making the second frame smaller, and to the right hand side,
of the tag, and make more of a close up shot of your tube. Don't forget to click
on the smaller frame when giving it a drop shadow.

Add the old english rose sprays as new layers, and decorate as you choose.
I changed the color to match the tag. If doing this, go to selections, select all,
then float, and defloat.
Go to adjust, then hue and saturation ...

Drop shadow using these settings ...

colour black

Open mask 1. Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer, floodfill with a colour
from your tube. I chose #879122, a colour from the eyes.
Go to layers, new mask layer, from image. Choose mask 1 from the source menu.
Make sure source luminance and invert mask data are checked, then click ok.
In the layers, click on merge, and merge group. Go to effects, texture effects,
glass mosaic and use the settings as shown below ...

Go to your text tool, choose the font Elegance, (or something similar)
size 36, stroke 1, foreground and background #a3594d.
Type in 'Romance will never die', near the bottom left hand side of the tag.
Now effects, 3D effects and drop shadow as follows ...

colour black

Now type your name using the same font as above, but have the foreground as #a3594d
and background your previously used gradient, size 48, stroke 1. Keep it to the top
right hand of the tag. Drop shadow as above.

Open and add the butterfly as a new layer, then go to image and resize to 70.
Add the above drop shadow when your happy, then duplicate, go to image and mirror,
and move the second butterfly to the other side of the tag.

Add any credits needed.

Thank you for doing my tutorial!

© Flashy June 2010

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