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Chained and waiting

Post  flashy on Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:57 pm

For this tutorial I will be using a PTU tube by Keith Garvey, which can be purchased here :

You will need my supplies of the mask 34, chain 1, text art 1, star, film and
chrome frames, that i made , which can be found here :

The Plugin used is from Xero and is called porcelain, which can be found here:

Lets begin !!

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white. (#ffffff)
Open the chrome frame as a new layer, and place it roughly in the centre.

*Open the tube you will be using as a new layer, and we will be using a close up of
that tube so resize if necessary.
Position the face to one half of the frame. When you are happy, click inside the chrome
frame layer with the magic wand. Selections, modify, expand by 6. Selections,
invert, now click on the tube layer and hit delete. Select none. Move this layer below
the frame layer.

Now go to effects, plugins and Xero, choose porcelain and use these settings :


Now repeat the above from * to ** but use a larger close up of your tube, and mirror it
for the other half of the frame.

Make sure the frame layer is active. Forground white, background null, go to preset shape
and choose ellipse, mode circle, width 5. Now draw a ring to fit inside the
chrome frame. Use the deform tool if necessary for a proper fit. Drop shadow as follows :

Foreground null, for the background ... use the black pattern given, scale=100, angle=0.
Make Raster 1 the active layer. Preset shape and ellipse, and draw a circle as a
background for the chrome frame. Make sure its not showing on the outside of the frame,
and convert to raster layer.
It might be a good idea for you now to X out raster layer one, and
make one of the other layers active. Go to Layers, merge, and merge visible.
Call this layer ... frame 1

Open the film frame as a new layer. Now basically its the same as from * to **.
This time you will be using smaller parts of your tube to fill in the slots.

X out raster layer one and frame 1, and merge visible as before. Call this frame 2.
Now give it a slight angle, follow my tag as a reference.
Duplicate this layer and rename frame 3. Go to image and mirror.
Drag frame 3 to the lower half of the tag. Un X frame 1, and postion all frames like mine.
Now it should look something like this ....

Add your full tube as a new layer, and position in the centre, or where you want it.
I resized my tube, then went to adjust, and sharpen. Now add the above drop shadow as used before.

Click on raster layer one and add a new layer. I am using a colour from the tubes lipstick
to floodfill with ... #b5393d. Open mask 34 and click on your floodfilled layer.

Go to layers, new mask layer from image, in the source window click on mask 34.
Make sure invert mask data and source luminance are checked, and click ok. In the
layer palette, right click and merge, merge group.

Now add all the embellishments and position to your choice, use the drop shadow above if needed.
Sharpen first if you resize. I resized to 70 for the cuffs

Now to add your name, I used Snell Bd BT for the font, size 48, stroke 1,
background colour black, foreground null. Image, rotate, free rotate,
left 90 degrees. Position at the left side of the tag. Add a couple of stars
to your name, resized to 70, then sharpen and drop shadow.

Now add all your credits, then go to image, rotate as before, and position at the
right hand side of the tag. Bring this layer to the top.

X out raster layer one, merge visible, and save as a PNG file.

Thats it your all finished, and well done. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

© flashy
15th July 2010


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