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My lucky black cat

Post  flashy on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:44 am

Tube of your choice. I used the lovely work of Keith Garvey and his work can be found here:

Plugins needed:
FM tile tools, and edge glow, Dsb Flux, and spider web, which can be found here:

Deformation and ocean, which can be found here:
Just click on the name deformation for the download.

Suppies needed:

WSL_mask84 can be found on the link below, thank you for the use of xx!

My redblk frame 2, redblk flower 1, and tiny butterflies, which can be found here:
Look in frames first, and then in embellishments ... all things red.

Lets begin!

Open a 600x500 new image and floodfill in white. Open my redblk frame 2.

Open your tube as a new layer. We want the head to be above the frame, so
Drag the tube to the bottom layer on the layer palette. Erase the parts that are
showing below the frame at the bottom, just barly touching the the inner frame.
Now move the frame layer to the top.

Click on raster layer 1. In materials, choose foreground null, background #d22d2a to match the frame.
Go to your rectange tool. Now draw a rectangle that fits into the frame as a background.
Convert to raster layer. We will be coming back to this later in the tutorial for animation.
Rename this layer 'animation', and move below the frame.

Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer. Floodfill in #000000. Open your mask and use settings as shown below :

Back to layers and merge group. Now lower the opacity to 38, and close the opened mask.

Add your full tube as a new layer and bring to the top of the layer palette. Resize as neccessary.
Position it on the right hand side. Add a drop shadow as follows :


Now drop shadow the frame with the same settings. Add the redblk flower 1 as a new layer
and position on the left hand corner of the frame. Resize to 60%, then go to adjust and
sharpen. Add a drop shadow as above. Duplicate the flower and place next to the original.
Add the tiny butterflies and place where you want them. Add a drop shadow.

Foreground null, background #d22d2a, go to the text tool. Fone=Atlas, size=36, stroke=1,
and type your name. Resize to fit and convert to raster layer. Image, rotage, free rotate
90 degrees left. Place on the left hand side of the tag. Selections, select all, float
and defloat, go to effects and plugins, and choose Deformation and ocean with these settings:

Intensity = 9
Amplitude = 9

Now go straight to the plugin FM tile tools, edge glow, and use the settings below:

Deslect and drop shadow as shown above.

Add your credits at this stage, and the word art. I used the font Blackjack, size=24,
stroke=1. I used black and #d22d2a, foreground null. Drop shadow.

Now click on the animation layer. Go to Dsb Flux, and spiders web. We will be repeating
this 4 times with different ray settings only. So to start:


Copy merged into Animation Shop, and paste as a new animation. *Back to PSPro and use the back button
so you are back on the red rectangle. Change just the ray settings to 24, and copy merged
into AS and paste after the current frame.** Repeat from * to ** with the rays changed to
28 and then 32. Now you should have 4 animations. Go to edit and select all. Go to animation and frame
properties and change the display to 16.

Now animate and thats it, you are done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy

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