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Autumns nearly here

Post  flashy on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:18 am

Tube of your choice, i used the lovely work of Keith Garvey, which can be found here:

Gregs Factory Output Vll, and pool shadow, can be found here:


You will need the Autumn leafy ring, autumn leafy detail 2, and mask 29, which can be found here:

Open a new image size 600x500 and floodfill in white.

Add the autumn leafy ring as a new layer. Add the autumn leafy detail 2 and position
where you would like. Duplicate and go to image and mirror. Drop shadow as follows :


Add your tube of choice and position below the frame. Drop shadow. For the outside view,
duplicate your tube, drag this layer above the frame,and erase the bottom part so
it merges in with the original tube and looks like its just the one tube, but with her head above the frame.

Foreground null, background #cf7b25, go to elipse and draw a circle for the backing
of the frame. Effects and plugins and gregs factory output vol ll, choose pool shadow, and
use the settings as shown below:

Put this layer below the tube.

Open mask 29. Click on raster layer 1 and add a new layer. Floodfill in #982a17. Go
to layers, new mask layer from image, and choose mask 29 in the source window. Check
invert mask data, and source luminance, and ok. Merge group. I erased all the mask from
the bottom part of the frame area.

For the word art, use the font ChopinScript, size 26, stroke 1, foreground null, background
#982a17. Add a drop shadow as shown above. Move above the mask layer.

Now to do your name. Take your selection tool, and choose a small part of the frame, as
we will be using this as a tile for a pattern. Copy and paste as a new image at
the side of your tag. Foreground #982a17, background your leafy pattern, font=Hole Hearted,
size=48, stroke one. Do your name and convert to raster layer. Image and rotate
45 degrees to the left. Add a drop shadow and position this in the top left hand corner.

Foreground null, background your leafy pattern, go to preset shapes, and choose
something you like to put on your tag, on the right hand side. I chose a leaf shape.
Drop shadow this. Duplicate, and go to image and mirror.
Position near to the other shape you made.

Add your credits.

X out raster layer 1, merge visible layers and save as a PNG file .... and your all done !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
September 2010

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