Warm Halloween

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Warm Halloween

Post  flashy on Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:28 am

A tube of your choice. I used the lovely artwork of Keith Garvey, which can be purchased here:

Plugin needed:

Alien Skin Eye Candy 5/6 Nature, and fire, which can be found here as a demo:

Supplies needed:

My blossom frame black, and a bat, which can be found at:

Lets begin!

Open a new image 600x500.

Open the diamond ring frame, and align in the centre. Open the blossom black frame, and
postion this layer below the diamond frame. Remove any of the black frame that shows in the centre
of the diamond ring frame.

Open the bat image, and copy and paste as a new image. This is just a matter of duplicating
and mirror imaging or flipping to fit in the spaces of the blossom black frame. Use my tag as reference.

Open your tube to fit inside the ring. Resize if neccessary. Drag this below the
diamond ring layer. Now erase any parts that show below the diamond ring frame at the bottom only.

Duplicate this tube layer and send to the top of the layer pallette. Now erase any part that shows
on the bottom of the diamond ring frame. Now the hat should be sitting above the frame. Now
go to Xero, and radiance and use the settings as below :

Add your full tube, position it to the right .. and give it a drop shadow as follows :


You can use the same drop shadow, on the diamond ring frame, and the black frame.

Click on raster layer 1 and go to ellipse tool, and draw a black circle that fits behind
the diamond ring frame. Convert to raster layer. This is the background for animating.

Now to type your name ... i used the font Viner Hand ITC, size 36, stroke 1, background black,
foreground null. Give it the above drop shadow. Add a few small bats here and there.

Add your credits.

Now go back to your black background layer. Selections, select all, float and defloat.
and go to alien skin eye candy 5 nature and choose fire. For the settings choose small camp fire.
On basic use the settings as below and deselect:

Now use the back button until the fire image goes away. This should keep the size of
the flames in the background. Back to alien skin eye candy 5 nature, and fire. Click on random seed,
and press ok.

Open animation shop and copy merged from PSPro, paste as a new animation. Back to PSPro
and use the back button, until the flames disappear. Click on random seed in
Alien skin using fire again. Copy merged over to animation shop, and paste after the current frame.
Repeat this 2 more times.

In animation shop go to edit and select all. Now go to animation, frame properties,
and set the display time to 24. Animate, and your all done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
October 2010


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