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Post  flashy on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:31 am

A tube of your choice. I used the lovely work of Elias Chatzoudis, which can be found here:

Plugins needed:
Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures Demo, which can be found here:, colour dot, which can be found here:

Supplies needed:

Flowers by Rainbow Coffi, which can be found here:

Flashy template No. 6 can be found here: /file/vhWIbvYl/template_no_6.html.

Lets begn!

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white. Rectangle tool, foreground null, background
#f4bcd0. Draw a decent sized rectangle bottom centre, which will become the brick wall. Convert to raster
layer. Plugins and Alien Skin Eye Candy textures, and brick wall. Use the settings as below:

Now draw a smaller rectangle for the top of the wall in grey. Eye Candy again and brick wall.
In the settings choose cobble stones, and the settings as shown below:

Drop shadow the wall and top, using the settings below:


Now duplicate the top, and add some flowers on the wall, made by Rainbow Coffi, or of your own choosing.
X out all layers but the wall, tops and flowers. Merge visible, and un X all.

Click on the ellipse tool, and foreground null, background #f4bcd0, make a circle, and
convert to raster layer. Ellipse tool again, foreground white, background null, width
4. Make a frame that fits snuggly on the outside edges of the pink circle. Convert
to raster layer.

Add a close up of your chosen tube, and paste as a new layer. Make the white frame
later active and click inside it with the magic wand. Selections, modify by 4, selections,
invert. Make your tube layer active and hit delete, and deselect. Drop shadow the tube and the
white frame.

Click on the pink circle, and go to plugins,, colour dot. Use the below settings:

Now X out all layers, but the pink circle, white frame and the tube, and merge visible.
Duplicate this merged layer and resize by 60. Adjust, and sharpen. Repeat this once more,
using the merged layer and resize by 30 this time. Position them like on my tag, and merge
visible. Now un X all the layers.

Bring the merged wall to the top. Add your main tube, and position it near the wall. Move
this tube layer below the wall layer ... in my case it has no feet, so the wall hides that nicely!
Add a drop shadow to your tube. Move the circles layer below your tube.

Word art next, font used is Coca Cola ii, size 20, stroke 1, colour, #a0cad3. Place this
where she maybe thinking! Daydreams: font used is Blackjack, size 26, stroke 1, colour,
#f4bcd0. Convert to raster layer. Place this top centre. Drop shadow both
word arts as follows:


Download and extract my template No.6. Copy and paste the palm tree, and the sun. Colourise
as you choose. Add the first drop shadow. Drag the tree below the wall layer. Add the
plane, and drop shadow. Drag the sun behind the palm tree.

Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer. Floodfill in #f4bcd0. Open mask 27, and go to
layers, new mask layer from image. Choose mask 27 from the source window. Make sure
invert mask data, and source luminance are checked, and ok. Merge group, and then go to
the same colour dot settings, we used before.

For your name, the font used is lucinda Handwriting, size 48, stroke 1, foreground #85b23b,
background #f4bcd0. Drop shadow as before. Image rotate free rotate 90% right, and place
down the right hand side of the tag.

Add a few butterflies from my embellishments, and drop shadow. Resize as necessary.

Add your credits.

X out raster layer 1, and merge visible. Save as a PNG file.

Thats it, you are all finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
October 2010


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