Christmas Teddy

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Christmas Teddy

Post  flashy on Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:56 am

A Christmas cartoon tube of your own choice. I am using the lovely artwork of Joanna Bromley,
which can be purchased here:

Plugins needed:
MuRa Meister, and copies, which can be found here:

Supplies needed:
Mask 19, and the holly sprig, which can be found in Masks and then embellishments/Christmas, here:

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white. Choose a pattern from your tube, (i used the
foot part of the teddy) and take a selection of it with the selection tool. Copy and paste as a new image
on PSPro as your pattern tile.

In the material palette, choose pattern, select your chosen pattern, angle 0, scale 100,
background null. Now with the ellipse tool, draw a decent sized circle, width 30.
Objects, align, centre in canvas, and convert to raster layer. With the same pattern,
background null, width 1, choose a star shape from preset shapes. Draw a small star, and centre in canvas.
Go to plugins, and MuRa Meister, copies, and use the settings as below:

Convert to raster layer. You may need to use the deform tool to make half of the star show
above the frame. Drag this layer below the frame layer. Click inside the first frame with the
magic wand. Selections, modify, expand by 3, now click on the star frame layer, and hit delete.

Change the foreground to white, background null, and click on the first frame layer.
With the ellipse tool, width 4, draw a circle for the inner frame, and convert to raster layer.
X out this layer, and raster layer 1, and merge visible, and Un X again.

Drop shadow both frame layers as follows:


Add your tube as a new layer, and position this in the centre of your frames. Add a drop shadow. Bring
this layer to the top.

Click on raster layer 1 and in the material palette, foreground null, background
with a main colour from your tube, (i used #bd3136) Draw
a circle for the background. Objects, align, center in canvas,
and convert to raster layer.

Now go to effects, texture effects and blinds. Use the settings as shown below ...
(I used a dark colour from the teddy, #6e461e)

Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer. Floodfill in #bd3136, or
a colour of your choice. Open mask 19, go to layers, new mask layer from image.
Make sure you pick Mask 19 in the source window, and that source luminance
and invert mask data, are checked. Merge layer group. I resized to 90,
and used the deform tool for more eqallity at the edges.

When you are happy with the mask, duplicate, then merge both the mask layers.
Open my holly sprig as a new layer. Use the same copies settings as before.
Resize if necessary. Make sure this layer is above the mask layer.
Duplicate, image and mirror. Drop shadow both layers, and merge visible.

Click on your mask layer, and duplicate it, then image and flip. Click on raster layer 1,
foreground null, background #ad3531, and with the ellipse tool draw a large circle
that you can see above the star frame. Convert to raster layer, then go to adjust,
blur, Gaussian Blur, change the radius to 25 and ok. X out all layers except raster layer 1,
and merge visible. Move the tag as far as you can towards the left.

For the word art, i used the same red colour, font CCYuletidelog, size 18, stroke 1 foreground null.
Place at the bottom right hand side, and add a drop shadow. For your name, same font, foreground #1e5819,
background #ad3531, stroke 1, size 30. Convert to raster layer. Image, rotate, free rotate 90
degrees right. Place down the right hand side, and drop shadow.

Add the holly sprig as a new layer and resize to 70%. Place this layer below your name, on the first letter.
Now, image, and flip, then mirror, and position under the last letter.

Using the same pattern we used for the frame as your background, foreground #ad3531, draw
a few stars for embellishments, convert to raster layer, and add a drop shadow.

Add your credits.

Thats it, we are all done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy

10th November 2010

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