Christmas Kisses

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Christmas Kisses

Post  flashy on Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:54 am

A tube of your choice. I chose the lovely artwork of Tony Tzanoukakis, which can be purchased here:

Plugins needed:, colour dot, Xenoflex 2, constellation, which can be found here, respectively:

Supplies needed:
My bows n flake frame, in frames, bird & leaves doodle in doodles, lips 1, in all things red, pine 4 in elements/all things green. here on my site:

Lets begin!

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white. Foreground black, background null, go to the ellipse
tool and draw a circle. Convert to raster layer. Plugins, and, colour dot, and use the settings below:

Colours R/G/B all=255

Add my bows n flake frame, and use the deform tool to make it fit your circle. I centred it, in the middle of the
black frame.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, resize as neccessary to fit the frame. If you want a part
of the tube over the frame like mine, drag this layer under the black frame, and duplicate.
Leave the duplicate as the top layer, and X out for now. Go back to the original tube and erase any part
that shows outside the bottom half of the frame. Now un X the top tube layer, and erase around the bottom frame
so that it looks like its in the ring at the bottom, and outside at the top.

Click on raster layer 1, with foreground null, and background #f0bdbd, use the ellipse tool to make a background
circle that fits behind the frame, and convert to raster layer.

Open pine 4 and resize to 70%. Drag this layer below the white background. Use the deform tool to make a better fit,
so that it does not show inside the black frame. Go to adjust, hue & saturation, and colorize, Hue=255, saturation=161.

Open lips 1 as a new layer and resize to 40%. Image, free rotate 23% left. Duplicate and place the lips near the bottom
left of the fir frame.

For the wordart, the font used is ZiptyDo, size 14, stroke 1, background #ae0407,
foreground null. Drop shadow as follows:


Duplicate the fir ring, and X out. Click on the original fir ring, resize to 110% and go to
effects, and curlicues. Use the settings as below:

No. of cols=10
No. of rows=10

Lower the opacity to 63. Un X the duplicate fir layer.

For your name, the font used is Grouser, size 30, stroke 1, background black.
Add the above drop shadow. Position in the top right hand corner.

Add the bird and leaves as a new layer, and resize to 80%. Place on either side
of the frame.

Add your credits.

Have Animation Shop ready. X out the curlicued fir layer, and raster layer 1, and merge visible. Un X both layers.

Now click on the curlicues layer, and go to Xenoflex 2, constellation. Use the below settings:

Copy merged into Animation Shop, and paste as a new animation. Go back to PSPro, and use the undo button, until the sparkles have gone.
Back to the curlicues layer, and apply constellation, using a random seed. Copy merged, and paste after the current frame.
Go to Edit, select all, and go to Animation, frame properties, and change the display time to 12.

Now you can animate. Save as a Gif file.

Thats it, we are all done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy

2nd December 2010


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