Candy Christmas

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Candy Christmas

Post  flashy on Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:42 am

A tube of your choice. I am using the lovely artwork of Arthur Crow, which can be purchased here:

Supplies needed:
Xmas paper 2, Elements/Christmas things, which can be found here:

Plugins needed:
Filters Unlimited 2, which can be found here:

Lets begin!

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white. Foreground #d8032c, background
null, width 30, draw a rectangle, and convert to raster
layer. Plugins, and filters Unlimited 2, use the settings as below:

Paper textures
Striped paper, coarse
Intensity 74
Lightness 87

Add a close up of yout tube as a new layer. Drag this below the frame and position
more to the left. Click on the frame layer in the layer pallette, with the
magic wand, click inside the frame. Selections, modify, expand by 3. Selections, invert.
Now click on the tube layer and hit delete. Deselect.

Place 4 corners on your frame. Sorry, mine came with the PTU tube, so i cannot share.
Add a drop shadow as follows:


Click on the frame layer, foreground white, background null, width 4, and draw a rectangle
for the inner frame. Convert to raster layer and drop shadow.

Add your main tube as a new layer, and bring to the top. Place it to the
right of the frame. Add the above drop shadow.

Click on raster layer 1, copy and paste my Xmas paper 2 as a new layer. resize to
70% and position for the background. Click on the white frame layer. With the magic wand,
click inside and go to selections. Modify and expand by 3. Selections and invert. Click on
the background paper and hit delete, and deselect.

X out raster layer 1, and merge visible. Un X.

On the original Xmas paper 2, use the selection tool, and choose 4 trees across and 4 trees down. Copy and
paste as a new image on PSPro. Close the original.

Foreground #d8032c, background on pattern and the tree tile we made, angle nil, scale 35, we are going to do your name.
The font is Elephant, size 36, stroke 1. Convert to raster layer, and place at the bottom of the tag.
Drop shadow as before. Use my tag as reference.

Keeping the red, and the pattern, go to preset shapes and choose a four cornered star, width 2. Draw a small
star and convert to raster layer. Duplicate, image, free rotate 45 degrees left. X out all layers, but the stars,
and merge visible. Now un X all.

Position this star in the top left hand corner. Duplicate and resize to 80%, 3 times, and place on the top of the frame,
and on each side.

Have Mask 34 opened. Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer. Floodfill in #007d00. Go to layers, new mask
layer from image. Choose Mask 34 from the source window, and have invert mask data, and source luminance checked,
then apply. Merge group. Resize to 90%, and drag a little downwards if needs be, so that it equal, top and bottom
of the tag.

For the wordart, click on the top layer. With the same red and pattern in materials, the font used is CCYuleTideLog,
size 26, stroke 1. Convert to raster layer and add a drop shadow. Place this above the top right hand corner.

Add your credits.

Thats it, we are all finished. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
2nd December 2010

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