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A tube of your choice. I am using the lovely artwork of Marco Guaglione, which can be purchased

Plugins needed:

VDL Camouflage which can be found here:

Mask 49 and a doodle from my site, i used flowery doodles, which can be found here:

Lets begin!

Open a new image, 600x500. With foreground #7d6c08 (or another main colour from your own tube)
background null, go to the ellipse tool. Have the width set at 33, and draw a decent sized circle.
Objects, align in centre of canvas, and convert to raster layer.

Selections, select all, selections, float, and defloat. Selections, modify
by 5, and hit delete. Again, Selections, select all, float and defloat, go to effects, texture
effects, texture and choose canvas coarse, use the settings as shown.

Now go to effects and inner bevel as shown below:

Deselect. With the magic wand click inbetween the rings, go to selections and modify, expand by 3. Add
a new layer, and go to effects, plugins, and VDL camouflage. Use the colours as shown
or ones to match your own tag.

Click ok, deselect, and drag this layer below the ring layer.

Drop shadow the ring layer as follows:


Take a close up of your tube and position more to the right hand side of the
frame. Click outside of the circle layer with the magic wand and then click
on the tube layer and hit delete. This will have removed the bits you don't
want showing outside of the frame. Deselect, and add a drop shadow as before.

Add your main tube as a new layer and place to the left hand side of the circle.
Add a drop shadow.

Go to the ellipse tool, and make a circle for the background of the frame. I
used a colour from the frame #f4d9bd, you can choose a colour from
your tube to match. Convert to raster layer. Give this layer a texture, i used linen.
Drag this layer above raster layer 1.

Click on raster layer 1, and add a new layer. Open mask 49. Foreground
#7d6c08, background #dfb356, now click on gradient and choose foreground/background,
style, sunburst. Go to layers, new mask layer from image, choose mask 49,
and make sure source luminance, and invert mask data are both checked, and ok.
On the mask layer, merge group, and lower the opacity to 75.

Taking foreground off gradient and background to colour, font used is Stencil,
size 30, stroke 1, type your name and convert to raster layer. Selections,
select all, float and defloat, go to VDL camouflage and apply. Deselect.
Image rotate, free rotate 90degrees left. Centre down the left hand side of the tag,
and add a drop shadow.

Using preset shapes, make a few hearts, use inner bevel, and drop shadow.
Choose a doodle from my site, and colourise in a matching colour to your tube. I
used a flowery doodle.

Using the text tool with background #7d6c08, foreground null, font used is Stencil,
size=16, stroke 1, type camouflaged,convert to raster layer, and place in the bottom
right hand corner. Add a drop shadow.

Now add your credits.

Thats it we are all done, and i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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