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Picture Perfect

Post  flashy on Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:27 pm

A tube of your choice.I am using the lovely artwork of Keith Gravey which can be purchased here:

No plugins needed

The fabulous scrapkit i used is by Mirella, (thank you!) which can be found here:

Lets begin!

Open a new image 600x500, and then open element 5, the green frame, as a new layer
and resize it by 80%. Go to effects, texture effects, and click on texture. Choose
Striation and use the settings as below:

Now choose the rectangle tool from the preset shapes, and with line style straight,
and width 4, foreground white and background null, draw a rectange that fits the
inner frame, and convert it to raster layer. Make sure this layer is at the top.
Drop shadow as follows:


Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Drag this below the frame layers. Going back to the green frame layer,
click outside the frame with the magic wand. Now have the tube layer active and hit delete. You should now have
your tube inside the frame and none of it showing on the outside. Deselect.

Click on raster layer 1. From the papers, choose paper 14, and copy and paste as a new layer.
Now have the green frame layer active in the layer palette, and click outside this frame. Go back to
paper 14 and hit delete, then deselect. You should now have a background within the frames.

Open element 67, and paste as a new layer. Resize to 65% and go to image, free rotate, and rotate
90 degrees right. Now on the white frame layer, click inside it with the magic wand.
Go to selections, modify and expand by 6. Now click on the leafy layer, hit delete and deselect.

Click on the green frame and add element 46 as a new layer. Resize by 60%.
Position this near to the white frame, and when you are happy, duplicate, go to image and mirror.

Open element 1 and resize to 50%. Drag this layer above the green leafy layer.
Position this as i have, use my tag for reference. Now with the magic wand again, click inside
the white frame layer, selections, modify, expand by 6. Back to the element 1 layer,
and hit delete, then deselect. Duplicate this layer, and go to image, then mirror.

Open element 32 as a new layer, and drag this to the top of the layer palette.
Resize to 60% and place on the bottom right hand corner of the green frame.
Add the striation texture as we did above for the green frame.

Open element 4 and paste as a new layer. Bring this layer to the top, and resize by 50%.
Now place it in the centre of the ribbon.

Click on raster layer 1, and add element 42 as a new layer. Resize to 50%, and hide the pink background
whilst you drag this to the left hand side, then unhide the background. Add
the same texture as before. Duplicate, then go to image and flip, then image and mirror.

Go to the Preset shapes tool, choose rectangle, foreground null, background #f0c9e6. Click on raster layer 1,
and draw a rectangle, using my tag below as reference for size. Convert to raster layer. Now go
to adjust, blur and gaussian blur, set the radius to 25 and apply.

Now its time to drop shadow each layer, baring the white frame, which we have already done,
and also omit element 42, as that does not need a drop shadow. Use the settings as before.

Add a few butterflies of your choice, resize to 30% and drop shadow as before.

For the wordart, foreground null, background #bbd073, font = French Script MT, size 20, stroke=1.
type picture, perfect and convert to raster layer. Position in the top left hand corner.
Add a drop shadow as follows :


For your name, we are using the same pink as before, stroke=1, size=30, font= Palace Script MT.
Position your name on the bottom righthand corner, and drop shadow.

I added a flower to the top right hand corner of the frame, resized to 70%, but you
can now add any more elements you wish.

Now add your credits. X out raster layer 1, and merge visible. Save as a PNG file.

Thats it we are all done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy

11th June 2011

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