Happy St Patrick's Day

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Happy St Patrick's Day

Post  flashy on Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:51 am

Happy St Patrick's Day Tutorial

A Tube of your choice, I used keith garvey, but you will need to purchase this first.
Supplies : all from my site under tutorial supplies, http://flashy.forumotion.co.uk/
No plugins needed.

Open a new image, 600 x 500 and floodfill in white.

Go to Tools and make the first rectangle, width 5, stroke #b9cca1, fill null, convert to raster layer, and
drag to the centre of the image for now.

Middle frame, width 18, st pats frame paper selected as pattern in the material palette, angle 0, scale 100,
try and get the frame edges as close to the first frame as possible. Convert to raster layer.
If needed use the deform tool to make the frame fit.

Outer frame, use the exact same settings as for the first frame. Get as close to the middle frame as possible.
Convert to raster layer.

Copy and paste your tube as new layer. Resize as necessary, and for any bits outside the frame .....
with your magic wand, click outside the frame, with the frame layer selected, and then click on the tube layer and
hit delete. Deselect.

Drag your tube layer below the frame layers. Now drag the middle (St Pat's paper) frame to below the outer frame. This makes
it look more like a picture when drop shadowed.

Go to effects, and drop shadow the tube and inner/outer frame layers only, as follows :

vertical 2, horizontal 2
opacity 60, blur 4.30 colour black.

X out the white background layer, and click on any other layer, and merge visible.

In the material palette, stroke null, fill #e1f0cc, draw a rectangle for the frame background, and
convert to raster layer.

Open clovers Png, and copy & paste as a new layer, use the deform tool to fit the frame. Turn opacity
down to 75%. With the white background still X'd out, merge layers visible. Un X the background.

New raster layer above the bottom white layer. Open mask34 from my site, or any other you choose to use.
Floodfill using stroke #98b477, fill null. Layers, new mask layer from image, in the source window, choose mask 34, source luminace checked,
and tick invert mask data, and apply. In the layer palette, merge group. I flipped the mask so the lighter part was at the top.

Open the curly ribbon and st pat's clover no.16. Place the curly ribbon on the top right hand
side of the frame. Resize the clover to 40%, and place over the ribbon top. Drop shadow both
using the settings as before.

Open St Pat's 14 and place on the bottom of the frame & drop shadow. Open St Pat's 1, resize and go to adjust, hue & stauration,
hue/saturation/lightness, and use these settings :

colourize ticked
hue 79
saturation 38
lightness -5

For your name, the font i used was Freestyle Script, size 28, stroke 1. Stroke #282f19, fill #728f4e. Convert to
raster layer and drop shadow. Free rotate and place as you want it.

Open St Pat's 2 and resize 60% add to top and side of frame, using image and free rotate. Make sure these two layers are
above your frame layer. Drop shadow. I added a couple of clovers to add to my name.

Add any copyright that you need to, X out the background layer, merge visible and save as a PNG image.

Thats it we are all done, i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

16th March 2013


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