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Easter in Pink

Post  flashy on Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:05 am

Easter in Pink

Tube by keith garvey, which is a ptu graphic and can be purchased here : http://garvgraphx.com, you will also need a licence number to use this.

Supplies by me which can be found in tutorial tag supplies, here : http://flashy.forumotion.co.uk

No plugins needed

Open a new image 600x500 and floodfill in white.
Copy and paste my E2 frame as a new layer and resize the by 80%.

Open your chosen tube and resize to fit the frame. Drag this layer under the
frame layer. Duplicate and keep this 2nd tube layer above your frame. On the frame layer, click
with the magic wand outside the frame. Now click on your first tube layer and hit delete.
Deselect. Go to the duplicate tube layer, and with the eraser tool rub out the parts of the tube
that are showing outside and around the bottom part and edges of the frame.

Drop shadow both tube layers and the frame as follows :


Now X out the white raster layer 1, and click on the frame layer and merge visible. Un X.
Click on raster 1 layer, go to tools and choose the ellipse tool. Stroke null, and background any darkish colour. Draw a circle larger than your frame, centralise this, but do not change to
raster layer.

Now for the text ring, go to the material palette, stroke still null, fill #f862f8,
i used the font .... Bradley Hand ITC, size 10, stroke 2. Go to the edge of the circle you just made, you
will see a half circle under the A. Now click on this and type Happy Easter, with two spaces in between, as many times as you can around the circle.
I left a gap, so it did not over lap, which i moved to the bottom using the deform tool. In the layers you need to click on the + sign on vector 1.
X out the new ellipse. Click on the - which is vector 1 and convert to raster layer. Now your left
with just the text ring. Drop shadow as before.

Click on raster 1, and in the material palette, stroke null, fill is the E paper. With the ellipse tool,
make a circle to fit inside your frame, and convert to rater layer. Go to effects, and texture effects, texture and use these settings:

The texture used is striation. Lower the opacity to 65%.

Open mask 47. Stroke #f3b9e4, fill null. Click on raster 1 and add a new layer and floodfill in the colour.
Go to layers, new mask layer from image. In the source window choose mask 47, source luminace checked, and tick
invert mask data, and apply. In the layer palette, merge group. I resized my mask to 110%.

Go to effects and texture effects and use the same settings as before. X out raster layer 1, click on any other layer and merge visible. Un X.

Open the E1 elements, and paste the flower as a new layer, bring this to the top of the layer palette, resize to 60% and
place at the bottom centre of the frame and drop shadow as before. Resize the easter egg by 50%
and paste as a new layer. Paste the chain as a new layer and using the eraser tool, make it as long
or short as you like. Position these on the right hand of the frame, add the star, and drop shadow. Again bring these layers to the top.

Resize the bird to 30%, place on the top right of the text ring and drop shadow. Duplicate, mirror and place on the middle left hand side.
Resize the paw to 40%, duplicate the chain layer, position on the left hand side, add the star and drop shadow. Add the butterfly and resize by 30%.
Drop shadow as before and place in the inner frame.

For your name, i used the font Brush Script MT size 22, stroke 1, in the material palette, stroke #f862f8, fill #f3b9e4.
Convert to raster layer use the same texture settings as before and drop shadow. Place this on the bottom right of your tag.

Add any copyright details.

X out raster layer one, click on any other layer, merge visible and save as a PNG file.

Thats it we are all done, i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
20th March 2013

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