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Post  flashy on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:16 am

Red hot for you xx Redhotforyouxx

Plugins and supplies

You will need a tube of your choice. I used the lovely work of Keith Garvey,
which can be purchased here:

Flashy Template No.4 which can be found here :

Flashy mask 1, which can be found here :

Plugin = Filters Unlimited 2.0, which can be purchased here:

Plugin Xero, Fuzzifier, which can be found here :

Lets begin!

Open Flashy Template 4 and go to the layer, dashes ....
Click on dash 1, go to adjust, Hue and Saturation, then Hue saturation and lightness.
Change settings to hue=-100, saturation=-100, lightness=-100, colourise unticked ...
it should be black.

Click on dash 2, go to adjust, hue and saturation,
hue saturation and lightness,and tick colorize hue=0, sat=100, lightness=4,
colourise unticked... i chose the red to match my tube, you choose what matches your own tube.

X out everything but dash 1 and dash two. Now position your dashes how you would like them.

Open frame 1, go to selections, select all, float and defloat. Floodfill outer, and inner
frame in black. Select none.
Open frame 1 backing, selections, select all, float, and defloat,
i used #cc2724 to match my tube. Pick a colour from your own tube.

Now do the same with the frames and the backings of 3 & 4,
but alternate the colours.

Optional ... For the frame backings i used Filters Unlimited 2.0, and paper textures,
striped paper, fine, intensity=74, lightness=87 .... on the black backing, lightness=146.

Click on frame 1 in the layer palette. With the magic wand click inside the inner
frame and go to selections, modify, and expand by 3 pixels.

Open your chosen tube and paste as a new layer. Drag this tube below the frame layer.
Now click on the tube layer, and hit delete. Select none.
Continue as above, and fill in the frames with your tube. Resize as neccessary.

Add your main tube and paste as a new layer. You can drop shadow using the settings that will be used
be used later on in the tutorial.

Now for the three frame tubes, go to xero and fuzzifier, and use the settings as

Red hot for you xx Xerofuzzifier

Give your frames a dropshadow using these settings :

Red hot for you xx Dropshadow

Click on raster layer one. Add a new layer and floodfill in the colour that
matches your tube.

Open your mask. Go to layers, new mask layer, from image.
In the source window choose mask 1. Make sure source luminace, and invert
mask data are checked. In the layer palette, merge group. Go to Image and
resize the mask by 120%. I duplicated for a better effect this makes the mask
stand out more.

On a new layer ... using a basic nut shape from preset shapes, line style = small dashes, width = 2,
with matching colours from your tube, i used the colours black and red. I then did the stitching inside the all the frames. Use the raster deform tool to get a better fit. When your happy, add a drop shadow.

Go to preset shapes again, try using some of them to make embellishments in matching colours,
and then give them the above drop shadow. I made small hearts and a flower.

Go to your text tool, font=CoventryGarden, size=36, stroke=1, and in your chosen colours position your name in the top left hand corner.
Remember to change your line style to solid first. Add the above drop shadow to it.

Add your credits and your done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

© Flashy
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