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Post  flashy on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:40 am

I am using a tube by Keith Garvey, which can be purchased here,
Mask WSL_mask 84 download here,
Heart, star, shape and butterfly, which i made are supplied here,

Lets begin !

To make the ring frame texture ... open a new image of 100 by 100, then
choose a colour from your tube. I used #e87ec0 to floodfill with.
Foreground null, background white (#ffffff) preset shape tool, and choose elipse,
mode circle, and make a few small white circles on your background colour, mege visible.
Go to material palette, and pattern, choose your new tile, angle nil, scale 100.

Open a new image 550 x 500
In the centre of your image, draw a circle with your pattern as foreground, and the background null,
width 18.
Go to objects, align, centre in canvas. Convert to raster layer.
Foreground white, background null, width 10, draw another circle to fit around the first
spotty frame.
Objects, align, centre in canvas, convert to raster layer.

For the frame background, elipse shape, circle mode, foreground null, background white.
draw a circle big enough so no edges of the spotty frame show through,and convert to raster.
move this layer down to just above raster 1.
effects, texture effects and blinds as below.... choose a colour to match from your tube

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, and position, so the face is to
one side of the circle.
Click on the pink frame layer, and with your magic wand, click in the centre of the frame.
Go to selections,modify and expand by 4. Then selection and invert, click on your tube
layer, and hit delete, and select none. Lower transparency to 74.

Copy and paste your tube once again as a new layer. Bring this layer to the top, and
position centrally.
Add the denim rectangle as a new layer. Position at the top centrally.
In the layer palette, duplicate, image and flip.

Add another tube by the same artist, and position standing on the bottom denim
Click on raster layer 1, add a new layer and floodfill in #e87ec0. Go to layers,
load save mask/load mask from disk, and use with these settings ....

Then click on the mask layer highlighted, and merge group, and then lower opacity to 80%.

Add the embelishments, and when you are happy with them, add a
drop shadow to the frames, embellishments and tubes, using this setting :
effects, 3D effects, dropshadow,
V= 2, H=-2, opacity=60, blur=4.30, colour is black.

Foreground #73798b, background #ff3de4, go to text tool, font = ChopinScript,
size = 48, stroke = 1.
Do your name at the bottom, size = 60. Give it a drop shadow the same as above.

Add any copyrights or credits.
Thats it your done, and thank you for doing my tutorial !!

Copyright flashy 2010

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