How best to use these masks

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How best to use these masks

Post  flashy on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:59 am

Firstly, as all the masks are JPG's and are saved on my Photobucket account, you can just right click on the mask and save to your computer.

Secondly, instead of installing to disc, save in a folder called masks somewhere handy. When you want to use a mask, drag the mask from your folder to your open PSPro, or open in PSPro as a new file.

Open a new image, and floodfill in white for example. Then add a new layer and floodfill in a colour which will match your tag. Go to layers, new mask layer, and choose from image. You will need to promote the masks to a full layer before use. In the source window click on Mask 1 for example, make sure that source luminance and invert mask data are checked and click ok.

In the layer palette, merge group. The mask can then be resized if neccessary, or the opacity can be lowered for a more softer look. For a bolder look, just duplicate, X out raster layer 1 and merge those two mask layers.

Hope that helps ! Any problems just message me in the members forum, in the 'help' section.

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