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Post  flashy on Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:23 am

Tube of your choice, i used the work of Keith Garvey, which can be purchased here:

Beckymask0800 which can be found here:

Flashy text and heart, which can be found here:

Flash butterfly doodle can be found here:

No plugins !

Lets begin !

Open a 600x500 new image, floodfill in black. Go to effects, texture effects and blinds. Use these settings ...
width=6, opacity=26, light from left/top ticked, horizontal unticked. colour= #a50000.

Add a new layer and floodfill in #a50000. Go to layers, load save mask,
load mask from disk, and find becky_mask 0800. Use these settings.....
fit to layer ticked, source luminance ticked, and hide all mask ticked. all the rest unticked, and
load. Go to image and resize by 80%. Image again, and rotate, free rotate 25 degrees left.
Go to your layer palette and merge, merge group. Duplicate, go to image, free rotate right 25 degrees.

Drag your first heart mask up to the top left hand corner, and position the duplicate
so that a little of the heart goes through the first, but the bottom of it
is showing in your tag, and not quite touching the bottom of the image.

X out raster layer one and merge visible. duplicate your merged layer. Pull your copy
heart mask more towards the middle, or until your happy with it. Use the tag as a reference. Add more heart masks if you like!

Open my butterfly doodle and resize by 80. Go to adjust, hue and saturation, hue/saturation/lightness. Use these settings to
turn it white, colourise unticked, hue=0, saturation=100, lightness=100.

click on raster layer 1 and copy and paste the now white doodle as a new layer.
Drag this down to the bottom left corner. Duplicate, image, flip, image, mirror.
Move this doodle more towards the heart mask, so you have room to type your name
down the right side. Lower the opacity on both doodle layers to 92%

Add your tube, resize to your liking, and position her as kneeling in the hearts.
Add a drop shadow, 2,2,80, 10 colour black.

Now add the hearts text ring and resize by 80. Go to adjust, sharpness, and sharpen. Position in the bottom right hand corner.

Materials palette, foreground null, background #a50000.
Go to your text tool, font=Blackjack, size =20, stroke=0, direction= vertical and left.
Type your name so it comes down from the top right corner. I widened mine a touch.
convert to raster layer. I used the font, Blackjack.

Click on raster layer 1 and add a new layer. Foreground the same red as before.
Selections, select all, modify, contract by 3, selections invert. Floodfill in red for
your border. Deselect.

Now add your credits. Remember to change your direction back to horizontal and down.
I again used the same red.

Thats it your done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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