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Its the Witching hour x

Post  flashy on Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:19 am

Tube of your choice. I used the lovely artwork of Denis Rino, which can be purchased here:

Plugins needed:

Filters Unlimited 2.0 which can be found here:

Xero, porcelain and Tweaker, which can be found here :

Supplies needed:

Mask 34, spidersweb, diamond and bat, which can be found on my site here:

Lets begin!

Open a 600x500 new image, and floodfill in white. Open your chosen tube, select a main colour
from it and minimise for now.

Draw an ellipse, width 14, in the chosen colour to match your tube. Align, centre in canvas,
and convert to raster layer. Go to filters unlimited 2, and use the settings below (ignore the frame showing!):

Draw another ellipse, this time in white, width 12, align, centre in canvas, and convert to
raster layer. Use the same filter as before. Drag this above the larger frame.

Now draw a large ellipse that is much bigger than your first frame. Foreground null,
any colour will do for this as we shall not be using the elipse for long. Do NOT convert to
raster layer.

Go to the text tool, font used is Vivaldi, stroke 1, size 14, colour black.
Now position the A at the edge of the ellipse and keep typing 'Witching hour' with 2 spaces
in between each part until you have a circle of text. Click on vector
layer, then on the + sign and X out new ellipse. Now convert the vector layer to a raster.

Your ellipse should now be gone and you should be left with text only. Use the deform tool
to manover it around, so any gap is at the top middle. I used image, flip, and mirror
to then reverse it to the bottom. Go to adjust and sharpen, then duplicate. Merge visible
the text layers only. Drop shadow the text only as follows:


Open your tube as a new layer and position in the centre of the frames.
Drop shadow as above. Now resize the tube and do a close up of the face.
Copy and paste as a new layer above raster layer 1. When your happy where
to position it, *click on the white frame in the layers. With the magic wand
click inside the cricle. Go to selections, modify, expand by 5, now go to selections
and invert. Click on the close up tube, and hit delete. Deselect.**

Staying on this layer, go to plugins and Xero, Tweaker. Use the settings as below:

Taking another close up on a new layer from your tube (you can mirror it!) go from *
to**. This time go to Xero, and porcelain, with the settings below:

Now to the ellipse tool again, background black, draw a circle for the background, in case there
are any bare spaces showing. Position this layer above raster layer 1.
Deform tool if neccessary.

Give both the frames a drop shadow as used above.

Add a new layer above raster layer 1 and floodfill in another colour from your tube.
Open mask 34, go to layers, new mask layer from image, choose mask 34 from the source
window, source luminance and invert mask data, both checked, and ok. Merge group.
Resize to 80%. Drag the mask further up the top left hand area. Now duplicate, image,
mirror and flip. Use my tag as reference.

*Open a spidersweb from my site. Selections, select all, float and defloat. With
your chosen colour in foreground, use the paint brush to colourise. Deselect.
Move this to near the bottom left of the frame. Lower the opacity to 62, and place above raster
layer1.** Repeat in another colour from * to **, only this time, place on the top right hand side.

Now for your name : font used is Vivaldi, size 72, stroke 1, foreground black,
background will be your mask colour. Convert to raster layer. Image, free rotate,
90% left, and place on the left hand side, central. Add a drop shadow.

Do the word art in the same font, but change colours to suit. Drop shadow.

Add your credits.

Add a few resized bats and diamonds, drop shadow them, X out raster layer one, merge visible,
and save as a PNG file.

Thats it, you are all done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
October 2010


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