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Red for danger!

Post  flashy on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:16 am

Tube of your choice. I am using the lovely artwork of Jose Cano, which can be purchased here:

No plugins needed.

Supplies needed:

My red card frame, redblkdoodle, and mask 1, which can be found here:

Lets begin!

Open a 600x500 new image and floodfill in white. Open my red card frame, and image,
rotate 90 degrees left, and image flip. Place this more to the right hand side.

Open your tube and position it so the legs are touching the frame, with no edges showing.
Place the tube more to one side. Drop shadow as follows:


Add your name as follows ... Font = Atlas, size 48, stroke=2.
Colour for the foreground is #bd0909, the background is a gradient, metal steel,
angle=0, repeats=23, style=linear. Image, rotate, free rotate 90 degrees left. Convert to raster layer.
Place this on the left hand side, central. Drop shadow as above.

Draw a rectangle, foreground #bd0909, background black, choose gradient, foreground/background.
Use the same gradient settings as above. Convert to raster layer and drag this below your frame.
Effects, texture effects, and blinds. Use these settings:

Colour = #404040
Width = 3
Opacity = 74
Horizontal = ticked
Light from left top = ticked

Add a close up of your tube as a new layer, above the rectangle layer we just did..
Position it to one side of your main tube.
Click on the frame layer, and magic wand the middle of the frame. Selections, modify,
expand by 5. Selections and invert. Now click back on the close up tube, and hit delete.
Deselect. Lower the opacity to 68%.

Now add the redblk doodle and resize to 70%. Adjust, hue and saturation, hue, saturation
and lightness,


Image, rotate, free rotate 90% left. Position the doodle on the top left hand of the tag, then
duplicate and flip. Merge visible the doodle layers only. Drag these below the
background of the frame, and add the drop shadow we used earlier. Duplicate, image, mirror.
Move the doodle so it is in the same position as the left hand side one. Also move your name
so it central with the two leaves that stick out. See my tag for reference.

Click on raster layer 1 and add a new layer. Floodfill in #bd0909. Open mask 1, go to
layers, new mask layer from image. Choose mask 1 from the source window. Make sure invert mask
data, and source luminance are checked, then ok. Merge group. You may want to resize, or
duplicate the mask for a deeper shade.

Type the wordart in #bd0909. Any font can be used. Drop shadow, and position in the
bottom left hand corner.

Add your credits, then X out raster layer 1 and save as a PNG file.

Thats it we are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
October 2010


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