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Pretty as a Picture

Post  flashy on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:18 pm

A tube of your choice. I am using the lovely artwork of Anna Liwanag, which can be purchased here:

Old english rose sprays, and little white flowers, and ferns are by Rainbow Coffi which can be found here,

Plugin needed:

Filters Unlimited 2.0 which can be found here:

Supplies needed:

Mask 9, and butterflies from my site here:

Lets begin!

You may want to choose a contrasting colour from your own tube for two of the rectangles.
We will be building them from the inner frame to outer frame.

Open a 600x500 new image and floodfill in white. Make a decent sized rectangle, foreground white,
background null, width 4. Object, align in centre, and then convert to raster layer.

Draw a larger rectangle, foreground #a892af, background null, width 24. Go to object, align in
centre, and convert to raster layer. Now go to effects, illumination, and sunburst.
Use the settings below:

I duplicated the frame, and flipped, then erased the frame where the sunburst is at the top,
so it now matches top and bottom.

Make a rectangle again, this time in white, background null, width 4. This is the border frame
of the sunbrust frame and needs to sit on the outer edges.

Make another rectangle using #a892af, width 24. Convert to raster layer and drag this below
the second white frame. Go to Filters Unlimited and use the settings below:

Make a rectangle again, this time in white, background null. This frame needs to sit on the
outer edges of the patterned frame. Now drop shadow all frames, using the settings below:


Open Rainbow Coffi's little white flowers. Go to adjust, hue and saturation, hue saturation
and lightness. I used the settings for lilac, but you may want to colourise to match
your tube. My settings are :


Resize as neccessary to fit around your frame, using .. image, flip and mirror until you
are happy. I also used the old english roses, and a bit of greenery. Use my tag as reference.
Now give the embellishments a drop shadow as above.

X out raster layer one, and merge visible. On the merged layer, image, and resize all to 80%.
Now go to adjust and sharpen.

Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer, below the frame. Resize if neccessary,
and add a drop shadow.

Un X raster layer one and click on it. Go to rectangle, and foreground null, background
#a892af, or your own chosen colour. Draw a rectangle that will be the background for the
frame. Make sure no inner/outer edges are showing and convert to raster layer.

Click on raster layer 1 and add a new layer. Floodfill in #a892af, or your own
chosen colour. Open mask 9, go to layers, new mask layer from image. Choose mask 9
from the source window. Make sure invert mask data, and source luminance are ticked, and ok.
Merge group in the layer palette, and close the opened mask. Manouvre the mask until
its equal on all sides, then duplicate.

Now for your name. I used the font Exmouth, size 72, stroke 1, with two colours
from the tag. Convert to raster layer, and place at the top of your frame. Drop

I added a few butterflies from my site, and colourised them, and added a drop shadow.

For the word art i used the fonts Curlz MT size 28, stroke 1, and Book Antiqua,
size 24, stroke 1. Place on the left hand side, using rotate and free rotate 90
degrees left. Merge visible the wordart layers, drop shadow, then duplicate, mirror and
flip, to go down the right hand side.

Add your credits. X out raster layer 1, merge visible, and save as a PNG file.

Thats it, you are all finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

© Flashy
October 2010


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